How a New Study Has Turned a Lousy New Drug Into A Big Health Victory

Health officials are celebrating after a small, poorly executed clinical trial led by Stanford University’s Prisma Health showed that its Zika virus vaccine can stop the spread of Zika virus.

The trial, known as STAR, enrolled 2,400 participants.

The goal was to see if a vaccine could protect people from infection if they were infected with Zika.

The results were not as rosy as the researchers had hoped.

STAR is the first clinical trial to show that a Zika vaccine is able to prevent the spread and spread of the virus in people who have been infected.

The vaccine was made by GlaxoSmithKline.

The trial, conducted at Stanford, involved 3,000 people who were either being treated for Zika, who had been exposed to Zika virus or had been vaccinated with the vaccine.

About 20 percent of the trial participants had a fever, about 5 percent had anemia, and about 2 percent had mild to moderate illness.

Those who had not been vaccinated also showed mild to moderately elevated levels of the Zika virus in their blood, indicating that the vaccine was working.

The researchers say they were unable to see how the vaccine protected against Zika because of limitations in testing the vaccine in people without symptoms.

“This study shows that we can vaccinate people in a way that is completely safe,” said Dr. Michael R. Rechtschaffen, an infectious disease physician and an associate professor of emergency medicine at Stanford.

“We have found that if we vaccinate enough people, then we are able to protect a lot of people.”

The researchers say that the study is not about the Zika vaccine itself.

Rather, it is about how the study participants responded to the vaccine and how they were able to keep the virus from spreading.

The study involved 2,000 participants.

Reisch said the vaccine worked well in the trial because most participants who were being tested for Zika had mild symptoms.

However, the study didn’t show whether the vaccine would work in people with severe symptoms, which would be needed for a trial to be considered a success.

This could be a sign that people who did not get the vaccine might have some underlying medical conditions that could interfere with the virus’ effectiveness, said Dr, David A. Schulz, an epidemiologist with the California Department of Public Health.

“If we know that a vaccine works in people, we should be able to look at those people and find out what that does for their health,” said Schulz.

The team is now trying to replicate the study’s findings in more than 1,000 more people.

In the meantime, Dr. David Aberg, an associate dean for infectious disease and immunology at Stanford who was not involved in the study, said he thought it was a good first step.

The next step will be to see whether the results can be replicated in other people, he said.

“I don’t think it’s a bad idea,” said Aberg.

“The vaccine is not the end game.

It’s not going to prevent people from becoming infected.”

The data are not as robust as hoped.” “

The study was unable to show whether Zika vaccine could prevent the propagation of the infection.

The data are not as robust as hoped.”

Zikavirus Vaccine: “We’re now in the process of developing a vaccine for the Zika pandemic.

This vaccine, called STAR, has the potential to provide a long-term solution to the Zika transmission problem.”

Health officials are celebrating after a small, poorly executed clinical trial led by Stanford University’s Prisma Health showed that its…

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