‘A good deal’ for the NHS

Health Secretary Leo Varadkar has said that he believes the Government’s health-care reforms will be a “good deal”.

Speaking at the launch of the Government plan for a health-service “reform” at a major Irish bank in Dublin, Mr Varadar’s comments come after it emerged that the Government has been warned to stop its plans to slash the number of health staff in its departments.

In the face of mounting criticism over the reforms, the Government is yet to provide a detailed cost-benefit analysis of its plan, which is expected to see the number and pay of staff at its departments cut from around 20,000 to just under 13,000.

The Government has faced calls to rethink its plans amid the fallout from the devastating Irish floods of 2017, which caused more than €100bn worth of damage across the country.

As well as slashing the number the number, the government is also planning to replace all the staff currently employed by its health departments, which will mean there will be an extra 4,000 staff on the job by the end of the year.

Mr Varar also said that it was a good deal for the country as a whole and he called for the Government to consider the impact on patients and staff.

The Health Secretary also announced plans to build a new hospital for the Irish Medical Corps (IMC), which he said had been “located in an urban area with the best quality of life” for the people who serve in it.

Mr Valenzuela said the new hospital was the first of its kind in the world.

“It will have the capacity to provide quality healthcare for the population, and the most advanced technology in the country,” he said.

“Its an incredible opportunity for the IMC to have the kind of hospital and the kind the hospital is built upon.”

Mr Valenzezuela also promised to provide an extra £4 million to the IMCs medical fund to help them cope with the increase in the number they will need to provide care.

He also pledged that the government will invest in a new research and innovation centre to ensure that the country continues to be a global leader in biomedical research.

Mr Vázquez said that the new centre will also be able to help develop “new technology that will allow us to do research in the field of regenerative medicine”.

In the future, the new facility will also offer support to other medical units of the IMCA, such as those that treat the brain, which are facing a shortage of staff in Ireland.

He said that “research will also become a part of the health service in the future”.

Mr Varas comments come days after it was revealed that the number for the Department of Health in Dublin has fallen to 14,000 from 17,000 in the first quarter of 2018.

He has also confirmed that the Department’s budget will be slashed to just over £20 million from its current level of £30 million, and he has promised to ensure there will not be any cuts in public spending.

Health Secretary Leo Varadkar has said that he believes the Government’s health-care reforms will be a “good deal”.Speaking at the…

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