Medical marijuana patients could see a bump in Medicare reimbursement

The federal government could allow Medicare to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies, in a move that could see more Medicare dollars going to pharmaceutical companies and help alleviate the Medicare payment disparity between medical marijuana patients and the pharmaceutical industry.

The proposal has bipartisan support in the Senate and would take effect as early as January.

The Senate bill was introduced on Feb. 6 by Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., who is a co-sponsor of the Medicare-for-medicine bill.

He noted that while the federal government is not currently providing direct Medicare reimbursement for medical marijuana, it is an issue that the Senate is addressing.

“If the Trump administration is serious about ending this unfair disparity, the United States Senate will take a vote on this issue,” Wyden said.

The bill would also allow for Medicare to provide more than half of Medicare’s marijuana funding, while still ensuring that Medicare continues to cover the drug’s other costs.

A White House official said last week that President Donald Trump supports Medicare-covered medical marijuana and is considering moving toward Medicare-funded cannabis access, including a national program that would give states the ability to set their own marijuana policies.

The Trump administration has also said that it would consider allowing state medical marijuana programs, but it is not clear how quickly that would happen.

A separate bill would create a new federal fund to fund research into medical marijuana.

The proposed legislation would also prohibit federal interference with states that have legalized medical marijuana for recreational use.

The White House has not said how it will handle the matter with states.

“The president has always supported medical marijuana access and is ready to help states set up the most effective programs,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest, noting that the president was “open to working with state leaders and stakeholders to find a path forward for the millions of Americans who have access to medical marijuana.”

The federal government could allow Medicare to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies, in a move that could see more Medicare…

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