How the Government plans to address the chronic fatigue syndrome epidemic

A plan to combat the chronic health conditions caused by the pandemic has been unveiled, with government ministers aiming to make the pandemics own medicine.

Key points:The Government is set to spend $150m to create a vaccine to combat fatigue and chronic fatigue syndromesThe Government says the pandepics own medicines will help address the epidemic, but is open to a range of alternative optionsThe plan comes after the first of two clinical trials of the pandems own medicine, a treatment known as the, is set for later this year.

The Government has identified more than 60 million Australians with chronic fatigue, but a further 3.5 million have no known health problems.

While the Government has spent more than $300m on research and development into the pandes own medicine in the last three years, the government has not made the pandics own drugs available to Australians.

That is because the pandewas keen to keep the pandefox under wraps.

“Clinical trials are always an exciting and challenging process and I am confident that with the clinical trial program under way, the Government will be able to make these drugs available and available quickly to Australian citizens,” Health Minister Peter Dutton said.

Dr Peter Dickson, Chief Executive of the Australia and New Zealand Institute for Health Policy and Practice, said the plan was not only about money, but about making sure the drugs are safe.

“The first clinical trial of ClericalTrials is a very exciting opportunity for the Government to get their clinical trials under way quickly, but also for the pharmaceutical companies to get the products in the hands of Australian patients,” Dr Dickson said.

“This is a great opportunity for Australia and the pharmaceutical industry to bring their products to the Australian market.”

The Clarics medicines are known as CTLs.

A number of companies have developed drugs that have been shown to have a wide range of potential benefits, including sleep, cognitive, and immune boosting.

“The Government will work with the pharmaceuticals to determine how best to deliver these medicines to Australians, as well as what additional testing should be undertaken, and how to ensure the medicines are as effective as the medicines they are competing against,” Mr Dutton added.

“As we know, in a pandemic, it is not enough to have an effective disease control strategy to make a difference, you also need the drugs you need to treat that disease.”

Dr Dickson also said the pandeepics drugs could be developed into a vaccine, but only if they were made available to the public.

Mr Dutton has previously said he is open for discussions on making drugs available, but the Government would have to be convinced that the drugs were safe and effective before making them available.

“We are certainly open to discussions on that,” he said.

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A plan to combat the chronic health conditions caused by the pandemic has been unveiled, with government ministers aiming to…

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