How to help a terminally ill man who wants to die

By Emily HauschkaPosted November 29, 2017 10:45:04If you’re an ex-soldier who’s just about to be laid off, you might find yourself thinking, “Why are they killing me?”

But for a terminallle patient, this is a chance to find out if you can make it to the end of your life with dignity.

A woman named Erica Siegel recently lost her battle with lung cancer.

She’s just 28 years old.

She recently lost both of her legs and her left arm.

But despite her struggles, she’s not going to let anyone stop her from having a life of her own.

Her son, who’s also terminally sick, wants to make sure Erica is at her bedside for her final days.

“I can’t afford it, but I know that if I can do this, then I can live with myself,” Erica told VICE News.

“And that’s something I really want to do.”

The family is planning to get a small home with a yard, and Erica has volunteered to live there for at least one year, to provide support to her son.

But she’s also planning to live out of a suitcase in her closet.

“There’s not a whole lot of places I can go to and I can’t do that,” Erica said.

“I’m going to have to find another place, somewhere that I can just go to.”

The only way Erica can do that is if she gets a small apartment to live in.

But for now, she has to do it on her own, because she doesn’t have much of a financial cushion.

“It’s hard,” she said.

She’s a nurse, but she’s never been a nurse before, and it’s not like she’s been able to find a place to live with her son, because he’s not able to work.

“My husband has worked his entire life and I’ve never worked in a position where I have to look after someone else’s needs,” Erica explained.

“But I do have my own needs.”

She is hoping to raise enough money for a small one-bedroom apartment for her son to live alone in.

That will cost between $200 and $400.

Erica’s only hope is to find someone willing to give her the space to live.

“But I’m going through some really tough times right now, so I just have to figure out how I’m gonna get through it,” Erica added.

If you or someone you know is dying and would like to talk to someone about getting help, visit the Red Cross’ website.

If your family member is terminally disabled and you are in dire financial straits, call 800-RED-CROSS (8477) to speak with a crisis counselor or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

By Emily HauschkaPosted November 29, 2017 10:45:04If you’re an ex-soldier who’s just about to be laid off, you might find…

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