‘My mother was a drug addict’: Mother who was addicted to opioids to treat dementia says her son has recovered

Oak Street, Ontario, is a city in southern Ontario that is known for its thriving cannabis industry.

The city is one of five cannabis dispensaries in the country.

In August, Ontario’s attorney general issued an emergency ruling to regulate cannabis sales and cultivation and to regulate the use of recreational marijuana.

Oak Street is home to the largest cannabis industry in Canada, accounting for approximately half of all cannabis in Ontario.

The town of Oak Street has seen its residents suffering from an epidemic of opiate addiction that has claimed more than 300 lives, according to the Ontario coroner’s office.

“My mother is the best person I know,” said Shanti, a 25-year-old student who was a regular at Oak Street’s cannabis dispensary.

“She used to be a heroin addict and now she’s doing well.

She’s a very strong person and I’m sure she’s happy.”

“I’m proud to be her son,” said her father, Dhanan, who has not spoken to his son since his arrest in June 2016.

“It is our job to make sure that we make her whole again.”

At first, Shanti was struggling with his mother’s drug addiction, but he has since become a productive member of the Oak Street community.

“I am not going to let anything stop me,” Shanti said.

Shanti was one of the few people in the community who knew his mother was using drugs, even though he was a quiet, quiet kid who did not speak about his mother.

On a typical day, Shanto, Dhalan, and the other residents of Oak Streets are in their living room working on a variety of small projects like painting, sewing, or cleaning.

At night, the group is relaxing, drinking coffee, and playing cards.

One of the tasks they do is to help each other with a variety the local residents have been struggling with for months.

After Shanto graduated high school in the spring of 2019, he joined the OakStreet Cannabis Club, a community group dedicated to helping those in need.

He worked in a warehouse, but during the summer, he started volunteering at the community center.

At one point, Shanta was working for a small medical cannabis company in Toronto.

Shanto had started to realize the importance of cannabis in his family’s life, so he joined them.

“My whole life I have been a drug user, but when I started using cannabis I was addicted,” Shanta said.

“And my addiction was to opioids.

So, when I went to the community centre, I had a lot of problems.”

He said he was surprised to find that his mother had also started using drugs.

“[My mother] was addicted because she couldn’t work,” Shanto said.

The pain was real.

“She used a lot [of opioids] and she had to get them in a lot,” he said.

“I was like, ‘I don’t want to die.

I don’t have any pain.

How can I get it out?'”

Shanto said he began using cannabis as a way to cope with his pain.

The group of OakStreet residents are trying to create a safe space for those suffering from opiate addictions.

They are trying their best to help people who may be struggling with opiate withdrawal, mental health issues, addiction, and addiction related deaths.

In August, Oak Street Council passed a motion that established a “Support Group for Opioids and Addictions.”

The Council voted unanimously in favor of setting up a support group that would include representatives from the community and law enforcement.

Oak Street residents say they want the support group to be open and inclusive, with a wide variety of people in attendance.

“We want the people in charge of the group to know what we’re going through and to know that we’re not alone,” Shanti said.

Shanti is one person who believes that people are more than what their symptoms indicate.

According to the coroner’s findings, Shantian was addicted and in treatment with opioids, which include OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin, and other painkillers.

He was admitted to Oak Street hospital in August of 2019 with a history of respiratory depression and was receiving treatment for his opiate use.

When he returned to Oak Streets in late 2019, Shante was still using opioids and was prescribed the opiate antagonist naltrexone.

His mother’s pain was still a constant and it continued to affect her life.

She was also addicted to heroin, and Shanti says she had a difficult time controlling her addiction.

Eventually, Shranti started taking naltrans.

Shanti eventually stopped taking them.

Dhalan said he has worked with a support team that he hopes will help people like his son.

“We want to make this safe space here and we’re working on making it safe for all of

Oak Street, Ontario, is a city in southern Ontario that is known for its thriving cannabis industry.The city is one…

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