How to make sure your health insurance doesn’t expire in 2018

California has seen a spike in its health insurance premiums this year.

The state is set to end the current insurance plan that gives consumers up to 12 years of coverage, but a proposal to allow insurers to keep their current plans for as long as they want would end up costing Californians an estimated $1,400.

A number of health insurance companies have already announced they will end their plans, and California’s health insurance commissioners are considering a bill that would allow the state to take the reins in setting up a new insurance marketplace.

But the state would need to spend an additional $1.3 billion to cover all of the state’s uninsured, and the bill has not been introduced.

The health insurance industry is looking for a way to keep its customers.

Insurance company representatives have been meeting with lawmakers and governors to discuss ways to keep the market healthy and affordable, according to the state Department of Insurance.

“We want to keep people insured and continue to expand the health care options available to them,” said state Insurance Commissioner Lisa Blaser.

“We think we can provide a great way to do that.”

The California State Employees Retirement System, a union representing about 2.7 million employees, says it is looking into whether its members will have to pay out of pocket for the cost of their health insurance.

A representative from the union’s Health Insurance Center, which represents about 2,000 health insurance plans in California, says its members have seen a drop in premiums and have not seen any significant changes in their plans.

“It’s just been a steady increase over the past year or so,” said the representative, who asked not to be identified because he wasn’t authorized to speak to the media.

“I haven’t heard of anyone having to pay a dime for their health plan,” he added.

“It’s not like it’s gone up overnight.”

The Kaiser Family Foundation says California’s premiums have more than doubled since the state expanded Medicaid to cover more people.

California has also seen a number of large increases in COVID-19 coronavirus deaths, the foundation says.

The Kaiser Foundation report says the increase in COVIS-19 deaths has been driven by the expansion of COVID treatment for older adults, who are less likely to get the full benefits of COVIS treatment.

“The increase in mortality for COVID is a good example of how people who were previously covered by employer-sponsored health insurance are no longer able to afford to keep that coverage,” said Dr. Mark Meltzer, the Kaiser Foundation’s senior vice president of health policy and government affairs.

“What we’re seeing in California is that the more COVID cases there are, the more expensive insurance plans are.”

California has seen a spike in its health insurance premiums this year.The state is set to end the current insurance…

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