Mental health facility in Ontario will open in 2018

A mental health facility and mental health rehabilitation facility in the city of Toronto will be officially opened in 2018, the city’s chief medical officer said Monday.

Dr. Michael Pappas told reporters the facility will be part of the community mental health hub, part of Toronto Health’s mental health services network.

The city will also provide $1.2 million in funding to help with infrastructure upgrades, he said.

It’s the first facility in Toronto to be opened in 18 years.

Pappas said the facility is the first of its kind in the country.

“It’s been the dream of so many people to be part and be a part of a community hub that brings together the community’s best and brightest,” he said at the opening ceremony.

The facility will house three mental health units, one of which will be for women and one for men.

It will also have three adult and four juvenile programs, including a mentoring program.

Papas said he’s thrilled that the facility has been approved.

“We are very grateful to the province and the federal government,” he added.

“The new facilities have to come in and we are pleased to be here.”

The facility was designed by a team of architects led by Toronto architect Paul Reith.

The design will include three residential units, an adult and three youth residence, and two small offices.

The centre will be operated by the Toronto Community Health Centre, which was created in 2008.

The Toronto Health hub was created by Mayor John Tory and his Liberal government.

The new facility will serve more than 300,000 people who use Toronto health services, according to the city.

It is the second new mental health center to open in Toronto in 2017, and the first since the opening of a Toronto facility in 2012.

A mental health facility and mental health rehabilitation facility in the city of Toronto will be officially opened in 2018,…

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