Oklahoma health department is selling health records and email login for free

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Health Department is selling its health records, email login and access to its online databases for free.

The department said in a news release Tuesday that it plans to roll out its website in November.

The Oklahoman first reported the news Tuesday.

“Oklahoma has been ranked among the worst states for health care access, with one in three Oklahomans having trouble accessing medical care,” said Dr. Karen M. Pate, director of the Oklahoma Health Access Center, in the news release.

Pate said Oklahoms with health issues have a higher rate of waiting times for appointments, and she said patients have been leaving the hospital in droves because they are unable to access services.

“Our goal is to help Oklahamans access the care they need, even when they don’t have insurance,” she said.

Oklahoma Gov.

Mary Fallin said Tuesday that the state is “working hard to improve access to health care” and has already made a number of changes to its website to help ease the burden on patients.

Municipalities and counties are also offering their own health care websites to patients, which the Oklahoma County Health Department said are also now open to the public.

According to the Okla.gov website, Oklahomes with pre-existing conditions can visit a doctor or clinic for care, as long as they have insurance.

Oklahomas with chronic conditions, such as cancer or HIV, can go to a hospital, doctor or outpatient clinic for treatment, according to the website.

Oklahoma residents who do not have insurance may use the Okra Health Connector app to sign up for a free plan through Health Connect.

A list of all the clinics in Oklahoma, including the one the Okta Health Connectors will be using, can be found on the website of the state Department of Health and Human Services.

Oklahoman can use the website to search for a doctor, nurse practitioner or clinic they have an appointment at for a referral.

The Department of Public Health and Environment says Oklahomen can also use the Health Connect website to find a health care provider, but not a medical center or hospital.

The state also recently announced that all Oklahos will be eligible for free online health insurance from HealthConnect.

The Oklahoans are the only state in the country that does not have an online health care exchange, and it is not yet clear if other states will follow Oklahoma’s lead.

At least 20 states and the District of Columbia have a health insurance exchange.

Obamacare is also not yet law in Oklahoma.

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Health Department is selling its health records, email login and access to its online databases…

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