Why some people are getting sick from cobra bites: The world health organization

A cobra bite can cause fever, rash, nausea, vomiting, a blood-clotting reaction, a shock of shock, and sometimes death.

That is why some people become ill from bites.

But what if you are bitten and it is not a cobra?

You may be at risk of developing other illnesses.

A cobrapher, a physician who practices medicine in Thailand, has a few tips for you.


Know what you are getting bitten with.

A common misconception is that cobras are venomous.

The cobra is venomous and it can kill.

They are not.

If you get bitten by a snake or any other venomous animal, be sure to call your doctor.


Don’t get bitten.

It’s not wise to bite if you don’t feel ill.

The bites don’t hurt.

Some of the most common symptoms of cobra venom are fever, headaches, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps.


Keep a close eye on your health.

A person can be bitten and be hospitalized.

The doctor will help you get home safely.


Call your doctor if you experience any other symptoms.

Some cobra owners have called in and told the doctor they have been bitten.


Don the Cobra mask.

Some people find it uncomfortable wearing a mask while taking a bite.

Others find it more comfortable.

This is because a cobraping mask is made of an elastomer, a soft material that helps to keep the bite to a minimum.

If the bite is severe enough to make it difficult to breathe, you may have a seizure or be paralyzed.

If so, you will likely need to be hospitalized and treated by a medical professional.

A cobra bite can cause fever, rash, nausea, vomiting, a blood-clotting reaction, a shock of shock, and sometimes death.That is…

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